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Hello, welcome to my VIP membership here, on Bandcamp!

What does it mean for you? As a VIP member, you instantly get access to any new music I release, exclusive material made just for you (demos, recorded videos with work in progress, drafts), plus all my back catalog, and also supporter-only specials, such as unreleased tracks.

I will also ask your opinion, for example, which unreleased or unfinished track is better for me to focus on, etc.
In this way, you can really be a part of my creative process and YOU can decide what track should really see the world.
There’s also a fan community where I'm sharing behind-the-scenes photos, videos with me making new drafts, screenshots, and more...
Most important - you will get the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting me in a sustainable way.

What does it mean for me? Well, firstly - your support always means a WORLD to me. I take it very seriously and working hard here to provide you the best VIP membership experience in return. And practically, this will help me taking care of my home studio and just simply keep my music alive.

Thank you for your patronage! And thank you for keeping my music alive. ❤️

Anna B May

What you get:

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Anna B May
Hong Kong
Anna B May is a music producer born and raised in Russia, currently residing in Hong Kong.

Being concentrated on mainly instrumental music that tells a story and shares the emotion, Anna enjoys combining her classical routes with modern electronic sounds.


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